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Agnum Event Company specializes in the development of individual scenarios, which are customized to the tastes and preferences of every client. This is exactly why you will not find any standard packages of offers on our website.
We create the whole concept of your business tour. We provide you with full assistance, guide and interpreter services during your stay in four countries.

The Netherlands is one of the few countries in the world where people smile from the bottom of their heart because they are happy and want to share their joy with their guests. It is not only confined to welcoming Amsterdam with its famous museums, canals and entertainments. There are also medieval castles which can be converted into negotiation venues if you wish; many kilometers of sand-dunes where you can go blokarting; sparsely populated islands in the North Sea where the atmosphere of the 18th century has been preserved up to now. Holland is the country of unlimited opportunities for corporate tourism of any level.

Most tourists know Belgium as the country of European chocolate. However, you can also find there tremendous breweries under the auspices of UNESCO, rare sorts of wine in the province of Limburg, and marvelous cheese to which local chefs use to give their fish and vegetable dishes a skillful touch. Gastronomic Belgium tours are renowned in the whole Europe. We can also help you have your time in Bruges, making it funny and breathtaking, and of course, totally legitimate. This country is worth vising as a self-sufficient destination but not just in transit.

Small Luxembourg is a perfect illustration for the proverb “great things come in small packages". Some people believe that the city´s name etymology stands for a luxurious city. This is partially true. You will be sumptuously and willingly welcomed by local authorities and also members of the government. You may hardly find another country which could change the names of the central street, a square or even the city itself for the entire day just for the sake of your personal event.

We would be happy to make your ideas come true, and we are sure it will impress you and create vivid memories of your business trip. Teamwork brings people together and well-organized rest indeed works wonders. It creates benevolent atmosphere within the collective and raises the quality of work.
Our data base is updated regularly. In addition to that, we personally conduct all the check-tours and select only the best venues for business and rest. The quality of our work can be proved by our good relationships with partners and pleasant bonuses, which we´ll offer to you!
Our team of specialists always has a creative approach to the development of any event. We will provide you with the best options of the most modern hotels, exquisite restaurants and original concepts for your business meetings.

Yes, we are young, full of energy and enthusiasm. We are ready to deal with the work of any difficulty and level. We quickly react to any situations and adjust to meet your wishes.
If you think that you have already seen everything, we will prove the opposite, as nobody will remain indifferent when introduced to our vision of Benelux countries.


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