Our check tour in Cologne and Dusseldorf

It’s never late to open something new. Even in the ancient cities of Western Europe. We are glad to dazzle you with the novelties which we discovered during our check tour across the two cities in the Northern Rhine-Westphalia.

So, let’s start from Cologne.

France is traditionally considered the homeland of the European perfume. Medieval Parisian perfumers created perfumes on the basis of aromatic oils. But are the fatty oily substances, even most fragrant ones, indeed so good on one’s skin? The first one who came up with the idea to use alcohol in the production of perfume was a citizen of Cologne, an Italian Johann Maria Farina. His factory still works in the city and Farina's descendants in the eighth generation opened there the Museum of Cologne ("Eau de Cologne" - "The Cologne water"). Even today the alcohol solutions of bergamot, rosemary and lavender make a basis of practically any modern perfume composition. An excursion to the three-storied House of Farina is a whole performance hosted by the guides dressed in the 18th century costumes. Immersion into the history of fragrances can also be arranged in Russian, as almost everywhere in Germany, and it actually considerably reduces the budget of the tour.

Do the best chocolate masters live in Belgium and Switzerland? Yes, that’s right. But the best Chocolate Museum in Europe, is located on the embankment of Cologne, in the old city center. This ultra-modern building designed to resemble a ship, has recreational deck zones, just like an ocean liner. There is a glasshouse 30 degrees temperature maintained all year around, where tropical rains fall every hour and chocolate cocoa trees blossom and give fruits. Next to it there a small, completely automated chocolate manufactory. And, of course, there is also a magnificent exposition dedicated to all unimaginable whims of chocolate preparation and consumption in the last thirty centuries. If your guests would to create a chocolate bar according to their own recipe, the computer will help to combine the ingredients and after a while you will receive your unique chocolate creation. Master class, excursion…everything is possible here!

Düsseldorf has conquered our hearts with its the chic and gloss! For example, in the Classic Remise Center of vintage cars, there is a collection of masterpieces from the world’s leading automobile concerns. Looking at these cars, one is definitely convinced that designer’s brilliant ideas remain even in the basis of the most modern concept cars. In a spacious building of the former locomotive depot there are shops and cafes, while wealthy Germans store here in the glass boxes their "Mercedes", "Porsche" and "Morgan" cars. Wealthy foreigners willingly buy here both rarities and models released only last year. Here as well, the experts of the automotive industry are ready to explain to the visitors any technical nuances in Russian. There is a lot of space in the center, including meeting rooms for large-scale office parties, windows of which at any angle open on magnificent view of the vintage cars.

If a seven-seater limousine for one million euros is too expensive, you can rent for a small fee a hot rod, an open one-seater mini car more resembling a toy, but actually capable of developing a top speed of 90 km per hour. You can also visit Altstadt – an old historical part of Düsseldorf which is also known not without a reason as "the longest bar counter of the world". Try to drop by at least some of 260 historical alehouses, many of which are proud owners of the unique recipes of this popular frothy beverage.

Everything in great in Germany! And most importantly, everything it has is at a far larger scale than that of her small neighbors. Museums and restaurants, hotels and parks, outlets and even breweries easily accept the groups of 80-100 people. You can keep on thinking of the next trip, while we are off to create beautiful programs!