Spring business-tour for nestle caucasus company

At the very height of the season, when the whole world comes to look at the blossoming kingdom of the Netherlands, our team has organized an exciting adventure for 40 employees of Nestle Caucasus Company.

Already from the first minutes after their arrival in Amsterdam some pretty amazing things began to take place. Pick-up at the airport by 14 snow-white Tesla electric cars, accommodation at one of the best 5-star hotels in Amsterdam and royal lunch and dinner in a historic building, where once were located the famous Guilds.

Even such a serious event as conference was held in solemn atmosphere and the participants have been in good spirits the whole day.

Keukenhof flowers, cosy Haarlem streets and fascinating stories by our tour guides are worth a great deal, while gala-dinner with extraordinary Dutch musicians and cheerful dances of our guests will stay in our memory for a long time!

There is nothing else to add – we are absolutely happy!