Our project in Belgium

At the beginning of September Agnum Event Company carried out an ambitious project in Belgium for one of the largest international corporations. Among the participants of the tour were senior executives and key partners of the conglomerate, which implied organization of the event at the highest level.

We prepared a unique program – a journey to medieval Bruges – a cosy and enchantingly beautiful city, capable of bringing most cherished dreams to life.
Official part of the trip supposed a great amount of negotiations and a conference. It was necessary to offer very impressive and unusual entertainment for such a busy and intense schedule. Thus, we managed to fulfill a maximum program during a four-day-tour: to visit a private brewery, to see the Northern seacoast, to ride a horse-drawn tram on the way to the Archery and Crossbow Guild, as well as to thoroughly “inspect” the best Michelin restaurants!
One of the main surprises we organized was gala dinner in an ancient castle located on the territory of a large estate on the shore of the lake. This location is unique, it’s not mentioned not in a single guidebook, but now it will stay in the memories of our guests! Heavy crystal chandeliers, candles, antique furnishings and paintings on the walls created a warm atmosphere and added a very special charm to that evening.

However, what kind of Middle Ages it would have been without hunting and shooting?
Especially for our guests we arranged quite an exotic entertainment: crossbow long-distance shooting at the most ancient Belgian Archery and Crossbow Guild. It’s a closed organization that avoids any kind of advertising, to set up a meeting with them is far from easy, while becoming a guild member is next to impossible. To shoot from an antique and heavy weapon is a truly unforgettable experience! The winner of our mini-tournament was awarded a special prize and greeted with applause of the audience.

Falconry, a leisure activity for real men, was another of our chivalrous entertainments. An attempt to tame these wild birds and interaction with them brought a great deal of impressions and adrenaline!

Belgium is one of the chocolate capitals of the world and a real paradise for chocolate lovers. With that in mind, we also visited one of the first family chocolatier stores in Bruges - Depla Chocolatier. Pol Depla continues to develop the business his father founded in 1958, carrying out a complete production circle: from thoroughly selected cacao beans to a beautiful packaging.

In a famous Pralinette store our guests has a chance to try hand in chocolatier art and created their own bonbons.

By dawn we organized a pleasant surprise for our guests before their departure and made “In Bruges 2” movie based on all the adventures of this trip.
We sincerely hope that these memories will bring the participants of the tour again and again to cosy and unforgettable Bruges!