BUZZ IN 2021

Last March we were all taken by surprise... Something happened that none of us expected.
We thought, ok, let's wait it out, and then, latest in autumn, we would be back on track and moving forward!
Into the MICE "fight", so beloved and integral to our lives!
But no such luck ... The pandemic had its own plans for the future.

And now, the MICE backstage community, of which we are co-founders, is about to turn one year old!

On the eve of our first anniversary, together with my colleagues, we decided to organize an online event, the global forum "BUZZ IN. Future is here 2021".

For two hours, invited speakers will be sharing with us new trends, offering the most advanced "working" tools and talking about how to stay in good shape, how not to lose faith in yourself, faith in the future, and much much more.

Go to our website and register now.
Let's be together!
After all, when together, we are stronger! For a better future!
For a future that has already arrived!