Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

A special passion of the Agnum team - hard-to-reach locations with a rich history behind them. The fact that at the table, where now glasses and snacks are arranged, historically important documents were previously signed, peace treaties were concluded and royals were received, gives us goosebumps. Do you get them too?

A recent check-tour opened for us the doors of one of those places, one that is almost impossible to get into - Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen. However, together with Agnum, you can organise any event, from a cosy dinner for your friends to an entire symposium, in this unique venue. The building, constructed in 1926 and known as SDG House since 2017, is one of the icons of Amsterdam architecture.

The neo-Renaissance house was designed specifically for the Royal Tropical Institute and features elaborate decor that references the various cultures of the world and the rich colonial history of the Netherlands.

As the Agnum Talks project founders, we are delighted that the profits generated from hosting events in this location benefit sustainable development projects. This means that any party or conference becomes socially responsible and makes the world a little better.

It was here that the UN Sustainable Development Goals were adopted, and Kofi Annan laid the first tile in the alley in front of the building, indicating the first goal - the fight against hunger.

See you in Amsterdam!