Summer seminars with clever psychology

Last weekend Agnum Event organized two psychology-related seminars. “To be friends with
your child? Easy!” and “Goals map – your path to success” were held by Julia Morozova and
Alexanda Kupavskaya, the founders of Clever Psychology Company, from London.

And you know what? Those participants who happened to be present on the seminars were
incredibly lucky! Because attending two seminars, first about one’s children and then about
oneself, setting goals, getting to know new interesting people and learning the latest in the
field of psychology give a big energy boost and encouragement!

The events were held in a cozy atmosphere. The lectures of our speakers were planned
perfectly. Each participant had a chance to ask questions and receive detailed answers,
participate in a discussion whilst enjoying a cup of coffee. We are glad that this time everyone
got an opportunity to speak tête-à- tête with the speakers and get the most out of them!
Once again it became clear that this kinds of events are very useful to the Russian-speaking
community in general and each and every one of us in particular.

Stay tuned for more news from us, we have loads of ideas for new events related to culture
and education.Have a great week ahead, everyone, and we wish you accomplishment of your goals!