Boat silent disco

Where else can you break the rules, if not in Amsterdam? And yet, even in this city not everything is allowed.

For instance, it is strictly forbidden to throw raucous parties with loud music near the famous canals. However, it would be a shame for the guests to deny themselves the pleasure of having an active corporate event on the water, passing through the shimmering canals of the capital at night.

The team of the legendary MW1 Silent Disco longboat came up with a witty idea to combine the incompatible.

The history of this boat dates back to 1902. Its first model served Amsterdam not less than 79 years, while at the place of the former dockyard where the boat’s hull had been designed is now located the Maritime Museum.

The Dutch themselves are very proud of this boat, since apart from totally meeting high safety standards, the further refined eco-model is fitted with a cutting-edge electric motor. The boat navigates almost in complete silence. Meanwhile, just the same way in silence fellow workers are having fun near two bar counters at the privately organized party.
Everything is very simple and yet in trend of modern European nightlife, a Silent Party: everyone wears wireless headphones connected to the DJ’s music board. Styles and rhythms, of course, chooses the client.

Silent vibrant party moves all the way through the historical center from Herengracht to Amstel. Would you like to join?