Everything new is well-blended old

Belgium is not only about superb chocolate and magnificent wine. It’s also famous for its unique wines, ordered well in advance by some foodies. For example, Leroy Ruffus winery produces 200 000 bottles of 2-year-old sparkling wine annually. Now the grape harvest from 2016 is on the way. It’s already known that as soon as it enters the free market, it will be sold out in a couple of weeks. The wine-makers assure, “the climate on the south of Belgium is now just the same as it was forty years ago in Champagne!” Ideal weather. And ideal Cremant.

The owner of the Pietershof winery planted 7000 Chardonnay vines from Bordeaux on the southern slope of the hill in Krindaal 18 years ago.

Not only did the vineyards grow, but the dry wine from 2006 harvest was recognized as the best one, according to VPS (Association of Professional Sommeliers).

In the Genoels-Elderen castle-winery between Tongeren and Maastricht they grow Pinot Noir from 1991 on the place of old Roman vineyards plantations. Twenty-five hectares of vineyards, rose gardens, ancient buildings and, of course, small cozy restaurants for wine tasting.

Would you like to try the wine which might have drunk the emperor of Rome Diocletian? We do!