All the Rembrandts

“All the Rembrandts” is the name of the largest exhibition of master’s works in the history of the Netherlands which has opened at Rijksmuseum.
How many Rembrandts were there? Even during his life Rembrandt Harmens van Rijn was surrounded by a few dozens of students and later hundreds if artists copied the creator’s style of the “The Night Watch”. By the way, this painting should have actually been named “The Day Watch”, since the experts have identified due to the shadows cast by the shooters that the action on the painting takes place at around 14 o’clock in the afternoon. The author himself is hiding among the musketeers. To be able to find him, we recommend you first to explore his numerous ceremonial self-portraits, also exhibited at the Rijksmuseum.

Before early XX century there were about 800 Rembrandt’s paintings in the collections and catalogues of the world. In 1968, after a special research carried out by Dutch scientists it turned out that the number of paintings made by the artist himself amounts only to 346. Meanwhile, at the exhibition we can see around 400 works! The point is that for the first time in the XXI century the rarest paper and copper etchings performed by Rembrandt himself are on the exhibit at the museum. They are too fragile to be put on display more often that once in half a century. And too interesting to miss the chance to see them. Hurry up! There is still time till June 10th, then the etchings will be taken back to the archive special collection and “The Night Watch” will undergo a few years-long restoration.