Royal FloraHolland flower auction

Did you know that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is, first and foremost, the kingdom of flowers?

And it’s all because a few world-famous auction houses of Royal FloraHolland Company are located here, forming the world’s largest flower auction and being the pride of the Netherlands!
That’s the place definitely worth a peek inside!

The work is humming along here from early morning.

Large plant lots are sold out in bulk in a matter of seconds. At any time of the year, 20 million flowers and plants are being sold at the auction every day!

Royal FloraHolland is open for visitors five days a week from 7 am to 11 am. In four hours you can stroll around and explore large rooms with flowers, see the famous clock and be amazed by the speed with which the traders are bidding against it, having less than a minute to take a decision.

For those who are interested in the way the company operates from a business perspective, there is a possibility to visit the auction with a professional guide that will tell you about all the details and internal processes of the flower trade.

So, please come at any time of the year – we will be waiting for you with a bouquet of flowers!