Zythos Beer Festival

On April 28-29th Belgium traditionally reveals us its brewing potential to prove once again its status of a trendsetter in chocolate making and malting. Without a doubt, a two-day Zythos Beer Festival is one of the most authentic beer festivals. Why is that, are you going to ask?

First of all, the very word Zito, which literally means ‘homemade barley beer’, is nothing but the first original name of this drink. Second, which other country is better suited to host this festival if not Belgium, a country that has long ago already been known as a trendsetter in the world beer tradition? The third reason has surely to do with the status and scale of the festival.

All the self-respecting European brewers (and breweries) gather there to present to the guests no less than 550 kinds of beers for tasting. Another distinguishing feature of the festival is that it doesn’t smell like cigarettes there. But there is no need to be upset for smokers, since the organizers take the culture and quality of their favorite drink more than just seriously. Acrid tobacco smoke may not allow the flavor combination to open and, next to that, it
will distract us from exquisite smell.

The scale with which the Belgians approach the matter impresses not less than their willingness to take care of their guests’ comfort. There is a worthy choice of all the possible snacks at the premises of the festival, starting from grilled meat and ending with pasta. Prices here are also quite appealing. In order not to get accidentally lost at the festival, there is not only the map of the area, but also a full- featured beer guide. It describes all the routes options both for untempted amateurs and experienced beer lovers.

A separate praise deserves an originally designed system of paths that solves the problem of long queues and confusion on the way to WC. Agnum Event invites all the beer amateurs and connoisseurs to Belgium. Zythos Festival is a landmark event in the world of malting culture.