Best New Year events in Amsterdam

In anticipation of the New Year holidays, we have compiled a selection of the best New Year events in Amsterdam


Amsterdam Light Festival
When: November 30 - January 21
Where: Amsterdam's canals
The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual winter event that transforms the city's canals and streets into a captivating open-air exhibition. International artists create stunning light installations, sculptures, and projections, illuminating the urban landscape.

Pianoduo Festival Amsterdam
When: December 7-10
Where: Westergasfabriek
Pianoduo Festival Amsterdam is a musical event dedicated to piano duets. The festival offers unique performances and masterclasses by virtuoso musicians, creating an atmosphere enriched with musical artistry and creativity. You can immerse yourself in all this splendor at Westergasfabriek, a cultural complex located in a former gas factory in Amsterdam.

The Sustainable Christmas Market
When: Until the end of the holiday season
The Sustainable Christmas Market immerses you in the Christmas atmosphere. This Christmas fair is focused on sustainability and eco-friendliness. The market showcases goods and gifts created with the principles of sustainability and responsible consumption in mind, creating a festive atmosphere with an ecological emphasis.

The Amsterdam Winterparadise
When: December 14-30
Where: Museumplein
Amsterdam Winterparadise (December 14-30) is a winter celebration that transforms Museumplein into a cozy place with an ice rink, attractions, a Christmas market, and other entertainment for visitors of all ages. This temporary event creates an atmosphere of magic and joy in the heart of the city in anticipation of the holiday season.

Tulip National Day
When: January 20, 2024
Where: Museum Square
Every year in January, the tulip season officially begins in Amsterdam as part of Tulip National Day. Dutch tulip producers invite everyone interested to freely pick bouquets of tulips in a specially created garden for collection.

Van Gogh at the Seine
When: Until January 14
Where: RAI Amsterdam
"Van Gogh at the Seine" is a temporary exhibition taking place at RAI Amsterdam until January 14. This exposition is dedicated to the artwork of Vincent van Gogh and his connection to the Seine River in France, showcasing unique pieces by the artist and inspiring visitors to immerse themselves in the world of his art.