Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival, so widely celebrated in Amsterdam just a month ago, is only an overture to what is expected this spring.
We have the most large-scale event in the world of flower bulbs approaching us!
The famous Keukenhof Park, known to many as “The garden of Europe” opens its doors on March 22nd.

Seven million tulips and more than four thousands hyacinths, daffodils and many other spring flowers were planted under special technologies by the best florists last autumn. Flower artists designed the finest patterns using the bulbs, painted broad canvases, composed bizarre flowerbeds, created figures and even built up installations. And finally all this magic collaboration between man and nature is finally ready to burst open!

Every year the park chooses a special theme. For example, in 2013 it was named “From Russia with love” and the park itself was luxuriant with wildflowers from central Russia. In 2016 it was Van Gough’s artwork, while this year “Romance in Flowers” will blossom in Keukenhof, which sounds quite intriguing given the expected scale of the event.

The road to Keukenhof lies through the boundless Dutch fields, where hyacinths and tulips start to blossom in all their glory at this time of the year.

We would like to give you an amazing opportunity to step aside from the route and have an incredible photo shoot in the real flower ocean!

Every year around three millions totally ordinary tourists flock to the park itself to see seven million fairytale-like flowers, while at the brightly colored and carpeted with flowers fields you won’t find people at all and can enjoy this beauty alone.

If Keukenhof can be compared with lavishly decorated flower beach, then the flower fields of southern Holland are the free waves of a flower ocean. Either one in equally marvelous!