Royal de Luxe giants

They look everywhere around and blink their eyes. They walk grandly along the streets and sometimes sit to have rest. Sometimes they use public transport, take a shower and even swim in the local waters. When a 15-meter tall girl shakes her head with discontent at the sight of the city traffic jam, the crowd stands still paralyzed with fear: now she will start throwing the cars around! When her buddy, a diver, comes to the water edge half-seas-over – people wait in anticipation to see how he grabs with his hands from the very bottom some sunken carvel.

Giant wooden marionettes from the Nantes Royal de Luxe street theater have already travelled through the cities of Canada and Chile, Iceland and Germany, Mexico and Spain. Having discovered that Leeuwarden has been declared the Capital City of Culture in Europe this year, they are planning to visit Friesland on August 17-19th.

The creations of a genius Jean-Luc Courcoult and his designers are so beyond ordinary reality, that after the first aesthetic shock you stop seeing the stuntmen-puppeteers hanging on these statues. Two dozen trained specialists masterly handle the trapeze bars and cables by which the marionettes wink, smile, sigh and also make interactive surprises to the citizens!

A hideous elephant, or maybe a mumakil, that leaped from the pages of Tolkien’s stories, was throwing water on the spectators in London. A giant girl allowed children to climb her arm in Berlin. And now it’s already known, that a taxi-size dog will arrive at the streets of Leeuwarden. What if it starts biting?! Not scared? Then let’s go have a look!