Agnum Event has become a partner of “I Amsterdam”

A very important and joyful event for us has taken place on May 21st. Agnum Event has become a partner of the world-famous marketing organization “I Amsterdam”.

All the tourists and city residents see “I Amsterdam” as a brand built on rich cultural heritage, commercial dynamism and high-quality service. But first of all, it’s a renowned marketing organization with a key principle: “together we are stronger!”

Every year, this organization puts emphasis on new relationships and beneficial cooperation, believing that this is precisely what contributes to the marketing development in the city. Perhaps thanks to that, Amsterdam is nowadays among one of the 5 top cities for life, tourism and business development in Europe.

We are very proud of our collaboration, which will bring us into the business bulletin together with the best companies in the Netherlands. We are sure that it will boost our development and new services for our clients. The most interesting places, workshops and conferences are still ahead. Now our clients won’t miss for sure not a single significant event in the city!