Where does Santa live?

Some say in Lapland, others say in Velikiy Ustyug. But the Dutch are sure that their favorite Sinterklaas resides…in Spain! And, indeed, he comes in by boat to Amsterdam every year in the middle of November surrounded by his exotic helpers “Black Piets”. Hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic spectators meet his boat and then accompany all the procession to the balcony of Stadsschouwburg Theater to listen to his grand festive speech. That’s the moment when all the huge festivals and fairs start in the Netherlands.

Brightly shining Christmas trees in the streets and open skating rings become an ideal background for the most exciting shopping of the year.
Aromatic mulled wine and delicious doughnuts are the usual attributes of this holiday and make it even more exciting to stay at the city streets and squares up till the opening of the tulip season!
Three cities are competing for the title of the most large-scale fair: Dordrecht, Maastricht and, of course, Amsterdam itself.

Come over and choose the winner yourself!