Amsterdam Light Festival

“Expectation”, “Silhouettes and shadows”, “Midsummer night’s dream” and 30 more sculptures and installations. Dozens of artists-illuminators from all over the world…

From November 29th till January 20th the capital of the Netherlands again hosts one of the best light shows in Europe, Amsterdam Light Festival!
Of course, the most favorable places for visitors are on the cruiser boats, literally floating through the fiery sea of visual impressions.

Here you can see the illuminated ship ropes running towards the night sky: that’s how a German engineer Stefan Reiss sees our universe, where everything is interconnected by vibrating wires. Here is a ship diving into a mirror circle created on an ancient stone bridge. “We just paint with the light, while Amsterdam canals and bridges make an ideal canvas for such art”, say London designers Tom Biddulph and Barbara Ryan. And here, happy iPhone users can see the all-knowing promptress Siri hanging above the ship deck, it’s a light masterpiece by Dutch light artists Peter Koros and Reka Magyar named A.N.N. “Our artificial neuron network consists of 80 thousand kilometers of finest threads intertwined into one software. They can receive and interpret the external signals just the same way as the human brain does”, explains Peter.

After a glass of sparkling Cremant it’s very tempting to ask a 100-meter red-blue jellyfish about something. And even though we do understand that it’s not an electronic system but just its light image, it’s worth a try. What if it answers? Everything is possible in the magical festival nights…

Come over, let’s shine together at the Amsterdam Light Festival-2018!