The Netherlands 2020

Three super-spectacular events will take place in the country next year. Write it down in your agenda, book the tickets and don’t say we didn’t give you a heads-up 🙂

The whole country is celebrating now the victory of Duncan Lawrence with the "Arcade" song, achieved basically without any special effects nor decorations. For the first time in 44 years this tiny kingdom has won a prestigious European musical award. According to the regulations, we now acquired the right to hold the Eurovision-2020 in the Netherlands! The 65 th grand finale of the Eurovision (and the 5 th in the Netherlands) falls on one of the May holidays. The exact date will be defined in the next one or two months. We will for sure let you know!

Formula 1
On May 8-10 th the Netherlands will host again the most high-speed race of the planet! Bernhard van Oranje, the co-owner of the race-track, has already warned: the route on which there once have been shining Alberto Ascari, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna, absolutely haven’t lost neither the number of its abrupt turns, nor the narrowness of dangerous bends in the last 35 years. As the expert states, "it’s a difficult track, it’s amazing to race on and very interesting for the audience to watch, but in case of a mistake the race cars end up at once on the gravel".Zandvoort is located near Amsterdam, in the area of coastal dunes from where it’s convenient to watch the event.

SAIL Amsterdam
On August 12-16 th the ships will arrive again in the harbor of our capital. And it’s something that happens only once in five years! Steep-sided caravels from the times of discovery of America, high-speed tea clippers from the times of unique "Cutty Sark", enormous four-mast barges "Sedov" and "Kruzenshtern" and hundreds of modern sailing yachts… You can climb and visit any moored vessel absolutely free of charge, the team will show you with pleasure their ship. Of course, it is even better to rent a motor boat well in advance and to take part in this grandiose sea parade. In these days the country commemorates the nation’s great marine past: there are processions of fancy-dressed seamen everywhere around the city, pop bands praise in songs the romanticism of faraway sea voyages at the concert venues, water attractions are open and hundreds of thousands of spectators not only admire the festivity but also are very much involved into the celebration!

Songs, races, sails … What to choose?
Agnum event advises to launch a full-scale Dutch season and to cover everything!