Walking down the main street. With champagne.

Have you ever walked down the street named after you? Or dined at the square that proudly bears the name of your company? Nowadays it’s possible in only one town in Europe – Clervaux, located to the north of Luxembourg. Street nameplates can be changed here according to customer’s preferences. We wouldn’t believe it ourselves, if the mayor of the city himself hadn’t confirmed it personally at the Meet Luxembourg Conference attended by the prime-minister of the country Xavier Bettel.

Little in size, but very authentic Luxembourg is a park-like country, an English style park. Small mountains, over which rise romantic castles. Small valleys where ripe Moselle grapes. Small farms that produce a unique sparkling Cremant and exceptional types of cheese. Even rivers, down which you can get in just one day to the neighboring Belgium, Germany and France, are also quite small. Luxembourg opens itself to the group as an antique snuff box that every time charms its owner with new melodies and soul-stirring treasures.

So, you tell us in whose honor you would like to rename the streets and squares of Clervaux and in which of the local castles you would like to organize your event (for example, in a dazzling white Chateau de Clervaux). We will convey your wishes to the city administration and voila! On a designated day you become the most distinguished guest of the city and feel yourself if not the Earl of Luxembourg, then at least the Earl of Clervaux.