Cleaning day

Last Saturday, together with DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam managers, we were collecting trash. The crisis has come to us ...

In principle, we could finish here😆
But still, we will tell you all the details.

The national annual cleaning day in the Netherlands - is a massive project in which ordinary citizens, different companies, and the state take part.

Everything is organised at the highest level - you open a special app with a map and choose a place, idea, companions. This year, almost 2,500 campaigns were registered throughout the country: you could join campaigns of larger companies, or you could create your own. When registering, everyone was sent environmentally friendly garbage bags, gloves, bright vests for children with the emblems of the project – all free of charge.

AGNUM is a socially responsible, active company and always supports such projects with great enthusiasm.

We simply could not stand aside and took part in two events: in the morning, together with our partner DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam, we collected garbage on the streets of Amsterdam, and then, together with our families, on our own initiative, cleaned the Rembrandt Park.

Emotions were overwhelming. However, not only from the realisation that we are part of a large-scale project and are making our beloved Amsterdam cleaner. It was great to watch passers-by stopping, smiling, saying words of encouragement and even joining us.

It was cool and a lot of fun!

There is only one disadvantage: once a year is too rare!
Let's make our world cleaner together!