Tulpenrallye 2017

The 64-th edition of the famous car race Tulpenrallye will take place from 7 to 13th of May this year. This event is not only about sport but undoubtedly also about aesthetics!

200 classic cars will take part in a 2515 km drive through the picturesque landscapes of Austria, Germany, France and Belgium. The race will end in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.
The Tulpenrallye competition was founded in 1949 and quickly became very popular. Over many years of its existence the car race idea went through various changes and transformations, but as sure as fate it took place every single year up until now.

At last in 1992 its unique concept was formed – a rally with classic old-timer cars, produced no later than January 1972.

And you know what, it’s a very impressive spectacle indeed!

An elegant Alfa Romeo from 1962, Austin-Healey from 1958, Maserati from 1959, Jaguar, Porsche and many other beautiful cars will arrive at the Koningin Astrid Boulevard, 5, city of Noordwijk on May 13th for everyone to admire.

Come and join the fun and don’t forget to bring your camera, there will be enough to feast your eyes on!