Schiphol outpaces the time… Together with Tesla

In the main Amsterdam airport one can breathe now a little easier. Striving to cut down on carbon emissions and exhaust fumes, Schiphol decided to join its efforts with the most advanced world genius of car industry.

In 2012 it was an environmental situation in the Netherlands that hindered the country’s rising from the 8th position to be in the top best countries in the world. Since then the Dutch put all their forces into development of this field. The country keeps up with the world trend on ecology and step by step moves toward becoming the winner of Airports Going Green Award.

Until recently, there existed only two ways in Europe how to get with comfort from airport to hotel. Every time you had to choose between the train and the taxi.

Once again, Agnum Event offers to push the boundaries of what’s possible. What if this time the best car in the world will take you along the best roads in Europe?

We are talking about a unique Tesla model S, a masterpiece created by Elon Musk. A premium car, all-electric powertrain, accelerating up to 100 km/hour in 2.7 seconds and with the most advanced autopilot capabilities in the world, evokes a reverent thrill in the absolute majority of car enthusiasts of this planet. It is considered to be the dream car of the future, and rightly so!
The very first minutes after landing you can already begin planning the quick start of your vivid impressions - a key to success of any business trip.