Unique mission

Quite a unique mission has completed our team at the end of the last year. At the request of Federal State Budgetary Institution “Interobrazovanie” we have organized a trip for the experts from the Center for coordination of the activity of the resource training and methodological centers on the development of higher inclusive education at a few universities in the Netherlands. The organization with such a complex name carries out human wise very easily understandable projects: it helps young people with special needs to lead a fulfilling life. Higher inclusive education in the Netherlands is almost a norm, while CIS country are in their formative stage.

We are grateful to Rotterdam Erasmus University, Wageningen University, Delft University of Technology and Leiden University that responded to our request and organized thematic meetings and excursions for our Russian experts. They introduced our group to the architectural accessibility of the academic buildings and to the ideology of incorporating volunteer assistance into the educational process for the students with disabilities. They also shared experience and methods to solve various problems arising in the educational process among the students with different disabilities: visually and hearing-impaired, with limited mobility and mental health disorders.

Dutch colleagues from Erasmus university, in their turn, got interested in Russian groundwork in the field of inclusive education, in particular, the assistance to the students with disorders of autistic spectrum. Our delegation has invited Dutch colleagues to visit Russian universities this year within the framework of experience exchange.