Underwater restaurant

Ladies and gentlemen,
Have you heard about new underwater restaurant? If not, then it’s certainly time to catch up!

Now it’s possible to go into hiding not only in Bruges, as the actors did in the famous movie, but also in Brussels…

An underwater restaurant has been opened there not so long ago, where visitors are offered to try exquisite dishes in unusual surroundings - 5 meters below the surface!
“The Pearl” restaurant is located inside Nemo33 diving center and is, in fact, a capsule with a 2-meter diameter. The depth of the diving pool, by the way, measures 33 meters, which makes it the second deepest in the world.

Customers have to put on scuba gear and dive under water to make their way to the table. The only thing you can see behind the porthole, are the blue waters of the pool and scuba diving waiters passing to and fro.

The food is packed into special waterproof containers, which doesn’t affect at all the quality of the dishes. In our modest opinion, a salad with lobsters and foie gras with champagne is an unsurpassed classic at any depth! And this is only a part of the menu.

So, are you ready for a dive? :)