Amsterdam Light Festival

In winter, when the daylight hours are getting shorter and the twilight sets in right after noon, Amsterdam once again defies cold and darkness.

From November 30th, 2017 until January 21st, 2018 Amsterdam Light Festival, the largest light art event in Europe, will be held in the Netherlands for the sixth time. Three hundreds of light sculptures, neon and holographic installations, fluorescent canvases and graffiti will illuminate the capital from within, turning the streets and canals into the open-air light museum and covering a total area of 220 square meters, with no fewer than 1.5 light exhibition per every square meter of the city!

Famous Amsterdam canals will turn into luminous holographic tunnels, while pleasure boats and motorboats will sail along them adorned with multi-coloured lights.

If you recall the 10-meter high moon, a work made by the Museum of Moon for the TEC ART Festival in Rotterdam, that was hanging over the heads of stunned spectators last year, or the St. Elmo’s lights on the masts of a pirate ship in the city port, then you can predict with certainty the absolute absence of darkness during all the twenty nights of this festival.

Leading Dutch specialists in contemporary art, as well as a 60-year old guru of conceptual light, a Chinese architect and critic Ai Weiwei, are entrusted to be in charge of the show.