Online excursions in the netherlands

In difficult conditions of a pandemic, when big crowds of people on excursions are either impossible or undesirable, we decided to introduce a new online service.

Since the beginning of August, Agnum Event has been offering a new resource that allows you to dive into the fascinating world of the Netherlands on your own.

What do you need:

- your own smartphone
- PINSTEPS app developed by our Israeli partners
- our routes

How does it work:

Download it. Arrive at the starting point at any convenient for you time. Turn it on. Get a map, a voice navigator in three languages, pictures of what you will see on the route, distance (in kilometers), cost of possible purchases (in euros) and other necessary information.

What does it give:

Safety. You don't have to keep your distance and scratch your nose through the mask, thinking not so much about the sights as about whether the rest of your group has COVID-19 antibodies. No group - no problem.

Freedom. Admit it, even before you loved wandering around unfamiliar cities alone, the over saturated stories of the tour guides made you bored. But without tips you often went astray, missing the most interesting. Now you will not get lost for sure!

Space for creativity. If you wish, you can create your own route around any city, enter it into the program and share with friends.

Plan your weekends with us!