Agnum event has opened in North Rhine-Westphalia

So, our dear friends, it’s time to expand our geography!

AGNUM event representative office has opened in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Our new destination is based on the same traditional principle: to find the extraordinary in the habitual, magical in the mundane and to surprise you with something that seemed familiar.

The westernmost part of Germany is a business district with numerous headquarters of transnational companies and world-known manufacturing offices. The major trade festivals and fairs take place in the largest cities of this region, Cologne and Dusseldorf. But just step aside and see the wonder begin!

You can find roman casemates of Praetorium right near Cologne and a unique Eiffel National Park located 60 kilometers to the west, which has a direct relation to the family of the creator of the main Paris symbol. Visit the Corvey Castle iconic library built in 9th century,dine on an observation deck of a medieval Blankenstein castle overlooking the Rur River Valley. Hold a conference in an elegant ivy-covered Styrum town and visit the Water Museum as well there. Take a boat ride on Aasee lake in Munster park which obtained the status of the best park in Europe in 2009. Feel the energy of an ancient magical Atlantis crystal which, according to the legend, still lies deep down the lake and nourishes people with positive emotions.

We are looking forward to great discoveries in this new region! Let’s get going!