Amsterdam wine festival

The long-awaited spring has come and one wishes to drop everything and go someplace warm for fresh impressions and new flavours! But what if this is not possible?
How to feel the blooming fields of France, the southern slopes of Italy, the hot sun of Africa and passion of Argentine tango?

Everything is possible in Amsterdam! In the Westergasfabriek Park, from 24 to 26 March, Amsterdam Wine Festival will be held, in honour of the harvest in the southern hemisphere.
The highlight of this festival will be exotic wines from Tanzania, Argentina, South Africa and even unusual snacks made of the Australian kangaroo meat! You will be able to participate in a tasting workshop with a sommelier, will go on a journey through the best vineyards with masters of winemaking, ask questions and get a lot of positive impressions and discoveries!

So, fancy a glass?