Amsterdam is the best!

Dear friends, have you heard that according to the recently conducted research among 30 most popular cities in the world Amsterdam was ranked first as the one with the highest number of cultural sights of interest per capita!

Well, we already had a hunch ourselves that Amsterdam is quite unique and up to the mark with such cities as London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and so on down the list…
Indeed, there is no way to get bored here in Amsterdam! Each district of the city has its distinct character, its special story with traces left by past epochs and distinguished personalities who once lived there. Dutch take good care of their cultural heritage, for that reason there are more than fifty active museums in the city itself!

New art expositions can be continuously enjoyed in the numerous art galleries. And theaters are plentiful, counting almost a hundred! Not to mention various open-air performances and exhibitions, festivals and fairs, organized always to the highest standard of quality. And of course, Michelin restaurants, of which there are more than 15) and, believe it or not, they are always full!
You have surely heard about Amsterdam champagne canal cruises! But how about the highest swings in Europe? They can be found on the A’dam Toren tower and offer an unforgettable experience to those who dare to sway on them!

As for the history itself, the city is literally soaked in it, as to which the walls of old churches and cathedrals, cobbled squares and numerous canals testify,
Rest assured, your trip to Amsterdam with be vibrant and rich with impressions!

Come visit!