There is a new resource to guide the groups in the professional toolkit of Agnum Event.
Your conference, official program, meetings and negotiations are over and the guests are wondering: how to spend best our free time? Where to go, what to see, how to get there and not to get lost?

These are the questions the clients always ask us, the employees of the host party. Usually what they hear in response is a brief story in broad lines, since large amount of information is hard to process at once for the listener.

Pinsteps app offers sightseeing routes in Benelux that are developed and written by the employees of our company and include the most essential and interesting information.
All the routes are divided by themes. There are detailed instructions in each route on what to do, where to go and what pay attention to. Next to the map with the places marked along the route and recommended to visit, each point of interest contains a description and information on opening hours, entrance ticket costs and contacts. The tours also include photographs, description, comments and useful tips. Moreover, a built-in navigator will lead you through a downloaded route, indicating where to take a turn, what to see, how long the walk from one point to another will take and what distance will the tourist cover.

The app works offline, doesn’t require Internet connection and maps download.
We believe these new technologies will bring our service to a completely new level!
Come and try it out yourself!

All the routes of AGNUM EVENT are developed based on Pinsteps travellers' platform.