Hot news friends!

We have a new direction of development! Agnum Event becomes AGNUM business communications agency.

We still continue to work in MICE, but the closure of the borders pushed us to create a new direction that will be a bridge between your company and any of the companies in the Benelux countries.

7 years of experience in business tourism, hundreds of partners in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, a thorough studying of various markets (after all, our clients are bankers, agrarians, energy workers, students, and charitable organizations), a team of multitaskers, each member of which has at least 6 hands. And the most important lesson we've learned with this data - is the importance of being flexible.

The new direction of AGNUM is the above mentioned flexibility, since the idea did not appear as a result of an expansion plan, but as a result of the accumulated critical mass of requests from other companies that faced difficulties in communicating with local companies due to the closure of borders.

From now on – no more difficulties! AGNUM will help you import and export any products and ideas. The main areas are agricultural products and equipment. However, any other request will not be a challenge, but a development. And we are working in this direction right now.

Stay tunned!