Meibock Beer Festival

Dear friends, Amsterdam is getting more sunny by the day, the air is warming up and butterflies are enjoying the flowers. You would think, could I wish for more? But of course… for some beer!
And as always, the Dutch got it right yet again! The Spring Meibock Beer Festival will take place on Sunday April 23d.

The best beer breweries present their new produce, where ancient recipes in combination with modern technologies create beers with a fresh spring flavour!

The festival itself will take place on premises of an ancient basilica, the Posthoornkerk, built by a famous Dutch architect. At the entrance each visitor will receive a mug to slowly walk around with and try new kinds of beer every now and then.

Are you already imagining yourself holding that heavy glass mug and filling it with cold light beer, with slight bitterness and fresh taste? And of course, trying traditional Dutch beer snacks alongside?

The Meibock Beer Festival is an excellent opportunity to get fresh impressions from your spring trip to the Netherlands and discover yet another interesting facet of the inner life of our favorite country!

All the details can be found here