When the pandemic is trying its best to disconnect people and tear established ties, Agnum
accepts the challenge and is ready to work with you to find new ways to restore

One way has already been found. Having retained the status of an event agency, we have
also become a business communications agency that brings together customers from the
CIS countries and suppliers from Western Europe.

The first experience has showed that agricultural direction is in the highest demand.
Benelux and Germany lie at practically the same latitudes as Ukraine and Belarus. And the
seedlings grown by agricultural experts somewhere near Leeuwarden can easily take root in
summer cottages near Kiev or in Transcarpathia.

On the top of everything, The Netherlands is also the continent largest agricultural hub.
Everything from flower seeds and bulbs to large agricultural machinery can be delivered
anywhere - subject to carefully prepared paperwork and ... a good local partner 🙂

For large wholesale and good mood, please contact: