D’Vijff Vlieghen restaurant

Amsterdam is a city where one comes for impressions, special ambience and, without a doubt, delicious food!

D’Vijff Vlieghen restaurant, founded in far 1939 by Nicolaas Kroese, is located on Singel canal behind the five ancient facades. This is a museum-restaurant with the 17-18th century interior. The famous Delft blue tiles neatly decorate the walls in the halls and the ceiling is provided with rugged oak beams. There is an antique collection of Amsterdam maps dating back to the 18th and 19th century in one of the rooms, while in the Rembrandt Room you can see original etchings of this grandmaster!

The restaurant menu offers a wide range of exquisite dishes and wines. For those guests who are not afraid of experiments, Sander Klaasen, the famous head chef of d’Vijff Vlieghen, will cook special dishes to his own taste. Believe us, it will require an outstanding gastronomic experience to unravel the secret ingredients of the chef.

Have a look at the guestbook and you will discover for yourself a whole world of restaurant history since 1946. Drawings, photographs, notes and a sketch dating 1951 made by one of the Walt Disney draftsmen for the cartoon “Alice in Wonderland”.

It is a unique place and is called as well a culinary museum for a reason, since everything, starting from the kitchen where the perches sizzle in the frying pans to the ceilings in the hall covered with gold leather wallpaper from the 17th century, is a true piece of art.
Also, please don’t forget to check the plate on your chair, what if you are going to dine on the seat of Mick Jagger, Walt Disney, Mikhail Gorbachev or some other famous person that once visited the restaurant? We are not going to tell you everything, since it’s worth seeing with your own eyes!