Victoria Onken stylist

Amsterdam is a magical, liberal city, famous for beautiful architecture and unique atmosphere, but…Let’s not forget that Amsterdam is also a great place for shopping! Especially in the sales period, which has already started.

We decided to make a surprise for you and prepared a new service – a shopping tour with our partner Victoria Onken.

Victoria is a professional designer, image-maker, a person with a fine sense of style and the best guide in search of your one-of-a-kind image!

Victoria knows every shop in Amsterdam and can find the most unique thing among endless store shelves and heaps of clothes. She always keeps abreast of all the current fashion trends and the hottest discounts, can help to make the right choice and can come up with great ideas on how to bring in new clothes into your daily wardrobe. During the break from shopping, she can tell you over coffee about the history of Dutch fashion and modern clothing designers. And, what’s most important, Victoria just loves making people beautiful!

If you are not ready to look for a needle in a haystack and wander around the town searching in vain for something special, then this is an ideal solution for you!

There are three options of shopping-tour available:
1. Shopping in Amsterdam multi-brand malls, where under one roof are gathered the most exquisite clothing brands and accessories.
2. Shopping in a famous “The Nine Streets” quarter, bursting with unique Dutch modern designer boutiques.
3. Shopping in suburban outlets and mega malls in pursuit of big discounts and a wide choice.

Everyone knows that shopping is also an effective therapy! So, stock up on empty suitcases, we will help you to fill them up and make you happy!

Find out more about Victoria Onken on the official website: