5 one-of-a-kind museums in the Netherlands

5 one-of-a-kind museums in the Netherlands (and none boring)

Electric Ladyland, Amsterdam. We bet a lot of tourists visit the First Museum of Fluorescent Art after going to coffee shops, which is their own risk. However, we are sure that you don’t need anything else to be fascinated by this interactive and magical space.The artworks are made from fluorescent materials which react to visitor’s movements. The most unusual photos are guaranteed.

Micropia Museum, Amsterdam. The only microbes museum in the world allows visitors to explore the fascinating realm of microorganisms and learn about their impact on our daily lives. Micropia Museum promises an interactive and inspiring experience for kids and adults as well.

Design Museum Huis Dedel, The Haag. The house itself dates to the Golden Age of the Netherlands — 1600s. It gives you a glimpse how Dutch aristocracy house looked like. But what is really unique is the museum’s retro posters collection, including Ukrainian cinema posters from the early 20th century.

Witches’ Weigh House, Oudewater. There are wages officially used in the Middle Ages to check if a human made a covenant with the devil. And they are still functioning. Besides enjoying the streets of quiet medieval Dutch town, you can also weigh yourself of your companions to prove that you are not witches.

Nxt museum, Amsterdam. From the dark ages to a bright (literally bright) future. Nxt museum is titled as the home of new media art. Large-scale, multisensory exhibitions showcase the latest news in digital technology.