For 8 years Agnum team's main activities have been business tourism and organizing events for foreign clients in the Benelux countries. However, on the 24th of February a war came into our lives and it does not leave anyone indifferent. This is how our new project - #DobroDiy was born, in which we use all our resources to help those in need.

For temporarily displaced Ukrainians, we have launched regular tours to different cities of the Netherlands. The goal is to introduce the culture, history and traditions of the country, that has become a new temporary home for thousands of people who came here to save the lives of their children. We would like to make the stay of Ukrainians in the Netherlands more comfortable and provide them a little distraction from stress after a long and difficult road.

The second area of activity of our project is the information assistance centre, where we invite women with children and grandchildren. We have a play space with toys and a creativity corner, so that the smallest Ukrainians can be engaged and meet new friends, while their adult relatives work with psychologists, coaches and simply have a friendly chat over a cup of tea. In our centre, everyone can receive informational support on any issue together with warm hugs, which each of us needs so much these days.

Centre address — Zaventemweg 81, Amsterdam
Contact phone — 06 26 89 19 51
The logo of Dobrodiy project of Agnum business communications and business tourism agency
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